Who We Are

MotionforAutomation is an organization whose purpose is to supply first in class training  and a resource for providing timely information and reference material in the field of automation, especially for those new to the field.

Manufacturers  provide excellent training relative to the products that they produce.  The issue is there tends to be gaps in the overall learning  on a system level, not provided by the manufacturers,  making it  difficult to properly design, test and trouble shoot motion related systems. The result being  easily avoided  design problems,  delays in development and in some cases “spinning your wheels” when trying  to resolve an issue. This is especially true for individuals just being introduced to the world of automation.

MotionforAutomation takes a more holistic approach to addressing this issue. From both a top down and bottom up approach. Our courses will look at potential issues on a system level while drilling down to the subsystems and components involved and how they interact with each other.

Our initial course “Basics of Mechatronics” is a great introduction to electro-mechanical systems  and the associated components used in automation. This course is a must for entry level design engineers, sales people who sell motion systems and associated components, field service personnel, in-house maintenance technicians, managers and supervisors who would like a better understanding of the issues associated with developing and maintaining automation systems.

In the near future we will be offering more courses such as:

  • Basics of Communications for Motion Control
  • Basic s of Pneumatics & Hydraulics for Automation
  • Basics of Programming  (non-programmers)for Motion Control
  • Applications  of Servo Motors & Stepper Motors for Automation
  • Mechatronics Level II

We can also provide standard and custom courses at your facility, please contact us to discuss.

Motion forAutomation training personnel have over twenty five  years of experience in the field of automation. In addition to providing quality training, we are at the students disposal after they have taken our seminar(s) to help them with any questions.